September 24th

Opening speech

Schedule: 15h to 16h

Location: National Historical Museum

Speaker: Angela Ancora da Luz


September 25th

Carnival and Boi-bumbá Lecture: Allegorical Crossings

Schedule: 15h to 16h

Location: Pedro II College

Speaker: João Gustavo Melo


September 26th

Lecture from paper to canvas: "Graphic representation and animation"

Schedule: 17h to 18h

Location: Colégio Pedro II - PROPGPEC

Speaker: Sérgio Yamazaki


September 27th

Lecture: "Firjan House Trend Lab - The Future of Work"

Schedule: 09:30h to 10:30h

Location: FIRJAN House

Speaker: Nathalia Coelho de Oliveira


Discussions between teachers and professionals from various areas: Design | Interfaces and Applicability.

Schedule: 11h to 13h

Location: Casa FIRJAN

Debaters: Carlos Eduardo Félix, Gilson Braviano, Ivo Leite, Stella Mariz e Tânia Guerreiro

Mediators: Anita Delmás, Marcelo Bueno e Maria Helena Wyllie


Lecture: "Drones: A New Viewing Angle"

Schedule: 15:30h to 16:30h

Location: FIRJAN House

Speaker: Igor Guimarães Leal Messias Vieira de Souza







GRAPHICA Rio 2019 | Design: interfaces and applicability

XIII International Conference on Graphics Engineering for Arts and Design