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The International Conference on Graphics Engineering for Arts and Design, better known as GRAPHICA, is a biennial event promoted by the Brazilian Association for Graphic Expression (Associação Brasileira de Expressão Gráfica - ABEG), whose target audience are teachers, professionals and students of Architecture, Design, Engineering, Graduate courses in Arts, Design, Mathematics and similar areas.

The conference expanded its field of activity and came to the fore when its 2015 edition was held at the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa. Two years later, in 2017, the conference took place at UNIP - Universidade Paulista, in Araçatuba, São Paulo, where its final council agreed to choose Colégio Pedro II to hold the 13th International Conference on Graphics Engineering for Arts and Design.

It is important to highlight that Colégio Pedro II is a 181-year-old institution with solid tradition in basic education and is currently expanding its field of activity with graduate and postgraduate courses. It is also one of the few public institutions which still value Design as an important component in their curricular structures in order to build students' citizenship.

The community who works in the field of graphic expression knows how important it is to publicize its achievements in education, disseminating them in schools and universities in Brazil and also abroad, as well as in different sectors of professional activity.

The Organizing Commission and the Scientific Committee of the present edition share the same way of thinking and consider the integration of Graphics Education in contemporary formation as a priority. For that reason, we suggest themes that prioritize research and the accomplishments and applications of innovative projects about sustainability, and show connections/interfaces between graphic thinking and technologies.

The activities of GRAPHICA 2019 include the presentation of conferences, round tables, workshops, and oral or poster communications of scientific work/reasearch.

This way, we hope to encompass and meet the interests and expectations of those who share our ideals.

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GRAPHICA Rio 2019 | Design: interfaces and applicability

XIII International Conference on Graphics Engineering for Arts and Design